Live at the Museum is an ongoing series of films in which buskers, street performers, and other artists perform against the architectural backdrops of major museums all around the world. Live at the Museum attempts to capture the quiet and often overlooked beauty of street performance- inviting participants representing a wide range of ability, ambition, and personal circumstances.

Begun in 2011, Live at the Museum uses an open source mode of production, relying on the contribution of performers, videographers, and assistants from all over the world. While each work stands on its own, they are interconnected through a shared distance to global cultural agendas and a quiet beauty emanating from the covert act of street performance. Live at the Museum is an investigation into the collective and institutional affirmation given to culture, while also functioning as a digital archive to cache the contribution of its participants.

All films have been shot without covertly of the institutions involved, reminiscent of the Occupy movement. This protest first received wide coverage when starting out on September 17, 2011 in New York City’s Zuccotti Park, just a block away from Wall Street. Similarly to Live at the Museum, a prominent and symbolic place of a public sphere was reclaimed by a local group for a limited period of time. Then, Occupy became international, and just three weeks later protests had taken place or were on-going across 82 countries. So far, Live at the Museum has been filmed in ten different countries on four continents.

Like Occupy, there is also a collaborative worldwide process at play. An open source approach to the filming process ensures that the films are the product of localised collaboration as they can be shot without the presence of the artist. The series becomes a faster growing and broader proposition than works facilitated under the guise of commission or commercial facilitation.

Live at the Museum seeks to challenge the status quo and to inspire new actions, innovative approaches and even ideas for a new open and expanded institution, seeking a wider open participatory discourse about aspects of democracy, diversification and participation of art in a broader sense, and the responsibilities and privileges that come with it.

This website, latmuseum.com, is the next stage of the Live at the Museum project, functioning as a digital archive to view and cache the contribution of its participants, a portal for new video submissions, and uniquely as a way to ‘tip’ to the performers by way of Bitcoin donations.

Live at the Museum is conceived by artist Andre Hemer and produced by Martin Schulze.

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If you are a curator and you would like to view a sub-site with full details regarding the Live at the Museum project please make contact with us in order to request a login password and then enter it below. The sub-site contains full details for potential exhibition of Live at the Museum, an artist interview, texts, and downloadable media packs.


Live at the Museum was premiered at the Münchener Stadtmuseum, Munich (Germany) and in 2014 will be shown at Guangzhou Art Center in Guangzhou (China), Total Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul (South Korea) and other art spaces.


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